Full Time Displays

About the Client:

At the start of 2021, we were approached by Full Time Displays, an ambitious start-up company making display frames for collectable trading cards so that they stay in pristine condition and maintain their value.

It was great to work with a local, family-run company that truly loves what they do. Full Time Displays really are a company formed by collectors for collectors.

Services Provided:

We helped Full Time Displays with:

Brand Design
Brand Guidelines
Content Creation
Web Design

What We Delivered

Full Time Displays specifically wanted a very modern, minimalist and professional style.

The logomark is based on the general layout of a trading card, with some form of title box or image at the top and the statistics below. This shape is created by using the F and flipping it to form the lowercase T. The client wanted the logomark to be usable on its own, as they wanted the option of engraving it into the frames in the future. We take that as a job well done.

Feedback from this project:

Ben is great to work with, he took the time to really understand what we wanted to get out of the project and the results spoke for themselves.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ben and we are looking forward to working with Sublevo Creative again in the future

Keane Denby
Full Time Displays